Responding to Potential Development: Dollar General

A developer came before the Hamlet at a Monthly Meeting with an idea to build a Dollar General store in Beavercreek. Current zoning on the chosen parcel of land doesn’t support Rural Commercial (the appropriate zoning for a store) since it’s currently zoned Rural Residential. To move forward the developer would need to petition the County to change the zoning or make an exception. Until the developer submits an application for a zoning change or exception, it’s just an idea. Anyone can have all kinds of ideas. It’s only when someone tries to turn an idea into an action, like a zoning change, that the Hamlet can take an action to recommend for or against the action.

We hear citizens input on the idea, but until an action occurs we can do nothing, not even contact County Planning staff, since it’s just an idea. 

If the developer asks for a zoning change or exception, then the Hamlet will vigorously present the citizens’ comments and opinions. It’s only by citizens participation at meetings and online that the Hamlet Board can truly understand the will of Beavercreek residents. 

Come to meetings, participate.