County drafts regulations for short-term/vacation rentals; public invited to comment

On Aug. 6, Clackamas County Planners presented to the Board of Commissioners a first draft of proposed regulations for short-term/vacation rental properties in unincorporated Clackamas County. At that meeting, Commissioners asked staff for additional information, which will be presented at a meeting to be scheduled early this fall.

The regulations were drafted at the request of the Board because of the increasing number of Clackamas County residents who use their homes for short-term or vacation rentals. County staff attended seven community meetings in May-June 2019 to talk with the public about whether short-term rentals should be regulated and, if so, what specific items should be included.

Clackamas County defines short-term rental, or vacation rental, as a furnished home, apartment or condominium, all or part of which is rented for limited (30 days or less) stays, typically on a nightly or weekly basis.  

Planning Director Jennifer Hughes explains that this is a good time to consider new regulations for this form of land use.  

“While short-term/vacation rentals are an increasingly popular way for people to find a place to stay and an additional source of income for homeowners,” Hughes says, “they can also cause trash, noise, parking and other problems for neighbors. There can also be serious safety considerations such as access for emergency vehicles and fire code compliance.”

The draft regulations (in the presentation made to the Board on Aug. 6), an audio recording of the Aug. 6 meeting and an opportunity to comment on the regulations are all available on the project website at For more information, people are welcome to contact Senior Planner Martha Fritzie using the information below.

Contact: Martha Fritzie, Department of Transportation & Development

Phone: 503-742-4529