Beavercreek Steps Up

Here’s a short article on how the people of Beavercreek are stepping up to support kids needing food support and seniors in our area during the COVID-19 crisis.

A truly awesome effort deserving all our thanks, especially to KissinKate’s Cafe, Beavercreek Grange, The Hamlet of Beavercreek, and the UCC Ten O’Clock Church.

Tax deductible donations are accepted by the Beavercreek Committee for Community Planning. Checks payable to B. C. C. P., PO Box 244, Beavercreek OR 97004; include your address for a receipt.

Donations of supplies and non-perishable food are accepted at the USS Ten O’Clock Church food pantry, call or text 503-593-2338. Place items at the north, closest to the church, entry to the Social Hall.

Beavercreek Steps Up


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