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Census Jobs

The 2020 Census has pushed back its field operations in response to Covid-19. Hiring for census takers is getting started now and workers are still needed in your community. The goal is to have people working in their own neighborhoods. These are temporary, part-time jobs, with paid training, flexible hours, weekly paychecks and mileage reimbursement. All Covid-19 precautions will be observed and any needed equipment is provided. The pay rate is $18 per hour and will not be counted against bebefits such as SNAP, HUD, TANF, WIC, etc. At this point, jobs are expected to start in late June and to last at least 8 weeks. Apply online at

Three things to note:

1. Anyone who receives their mail via post office box will not have been contacted. Mail is sent only to physical addresses. These folks can complete their census response quickly by going to or by calling 844-330-2020.

2. Data collected in the 2020 census touches all of us. It will be used, for the next decade, to determine how many Congressional Representatives we have, the borders of congressional districts both federal and state, and local planning decisions. This data will also help decide the distribution of more than $675 thousand federal dollars, annually (for the decade) through hundreds of programs from roads to utilities, education, public safety, police, fire protection including wildfire management, services for children and seniors; things from hospitals to hunter safety and more. You can find more more comprehensive information at or at www.gwipp/ “Counting for Dollars”. As our communities grow, we want to be sure we have all the resouces we need, so please help to make sure we are all counted.

3. Census jobs are a good way to help catch up on lost income, provide temporary employment while looking for a new job, or to put some dollars into savings-all while performing a public service to your community.

Thanks for your support of the 2020 Census. Please contact me if I can help in any way.

Karen Rhinevault
Census Response Representative
Recruiting Assistant
US 2020 Census

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