Board Meeting

The Board of The Hamlet of Beavercreek will meet virtually using Zoom on Thursday, August 20th, at 7:00 p.m. If you would like to attend, please use this link to register:


  1. Land Use Applications:
    a. Z0323-19-ZAP Owners Patrick & Heidi Patterson, Carus CPO,
    15028 S Mitchell Lane, Oregon City, zoned FF10, 10.09 acres, requesting a change in zoning designation from FF10 to RRFF5 to facilitate a property partition and subsequent residential development.
    b. Z0315-20 Timothy Brown, 15202 S Henrici Road, Oregon City, zoned RRFF5, 3 acres, requesting a renewal of a temporary home for care for Dominik Neff
  2. Land Use Activities/Decisions: a. BRCP
  3. Jack Hipp, Director at Large
    a. Sheriff’s Department Liaison
    b. Lieutenant Chris Cate Assigned to Beavercreek CPO
  4. Cheryl Buchert, Treasurer a. Treasurer’s Report
    b. Annual Fiscal Reports
    c. PGE Monthly Statements Verses US Bank
    d. Trust Report – providing Kellie Lute report critiques
  5. Joe Matteo, Director at Large
    a. OSU Extension Advisory Council
  6. Jessica Sernach, Secretary & Corresponding Secretary a.
  7. Bill Merchant, Vice Chair a. R1ACT
    b. Development Liaison Committee
    c. CPO Summit
    d. C800 Citizen Oversight Committee (voice radio) e. Community Road Fund Advisory Committee
    f. Hamlet Handbook Review
  8. Kenny Sernach, Director at Large a. C4
    b. CRW
  9. Miscellaneous Topics:
    a. Board Elections – Jessica, Joe, Bill and Tammy
    b. Carus CPO Questionnaire
    c. Community Support During Covid-19 Quarantine – September & October community Zoom meetings

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