Beavercreek UCC (Ten O’Clock Church) is ready to help

Beavercreek is now only half out of the red zone, but we at Beavercreek UCC do want to help – even as a few people have moved home, and others haven’t yet, and all are figuring out damage and how to breathe.

The church still has a food pantry. They are looking at getting masks, cleaning supplies, etc., things that people might need. The fellowship hall is full of rummage from our March rummage sale, that was supposed to happen on the first weekend of sheltering.

The Pastor, Jennifer Seaich, writes, “I just got home today, and my husband says I sound like ‘a diseased gibbon trying to cough up both lungs’, so we haven’t made much progress in planning yet. Keeping track of congregation members and who is safe and where and who had to evacuate stretched our logistical abilities.”

If you know of needs – either immediate or upcoming – contact Skipper from the church food pantry team at 503-593-2338

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