Z0208-21-CP Comprehensive Plan and Zone Change

As part of Oregon’s statewide land use planning, Clacakamas County has developed a Comprehensive Plan for what kind of development is allowed and where it can be located. To implement the Comprehensive Plan the County has developed Zoning Ordinances which explicitly dictate what kind of development is allowed in each zone.

When an applicant wants to do something that isn’t allowed by the Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) and Zoning Development Ordinances (ZDOs) they can file for a Comp Plan and Zone Change. Since this is a major change to the County’s plan, the application must go before the County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners.

For The Hamlet of Beavercreek this is slightly complicated because the Hamlet Chair, Tammy Stevens, is also the Planning Commission Chair. She must not be prejudiced by your thoughts and comments at The Hamlet of Beavercreek Town Hall Meeting on October 27, 2021, before the application is reviewed by the Planning Commission. Bill Merchant, Hamlet Vice Chair, will therefore conduct that portion of the meeting. You may express your thoughts at the Town Hall Meeting, at the Planning Commission Meeting, and at the Board of County Commissioners Meeting. Information on how to attend or submit comments is in the notice below.

A link to the applicant’s submission is here. Please open the link for complete details.

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