Z0424-21 Conditional Use

Proposal: Home Occupation to host events; weddings, etc.

Click the image to download the application.

One thought on “Z0424-21 Conditional Use

  1. I’ve driven down Kirk Road several times to visit a friend. The property under review to become a wedding venue already looks completely out of place for this rural setting just by virtue of the fact that it’s about a 25,000 square foot “house”. Yes, that’s about the same size as Albertson’s in Oregon City. Whomever allowed a ‘residential” structure that large to be approved should have to live next door to it and look at it every day. Now add in weddings being held, generally during the summer months, and the concentration of traffic into and out of that property will overwhelm Kirk Road. That new amount of traffic entering from and exiting onto highway 213 with no traffic control, no left turn lanes, etc. is the recipe for fatal accidents. I am very much against this proposed land use.

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