Public Alerts Notification System

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By providing contact information, county residents can opt-in to receive critical emergency messaging via email, phone call and text during times of disasters. Important messages that could be relayed include notices to evacuate, shelter-in-place, shelter locations and other extremely important information. Read more.

Powered by Everbridge

The system is programmed with landline phone numbers, both listed and unlisted, from telephone company records. You must sign up here in order to receive alerts by:

  • Cell phone
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  • Email
  • TTY/TDD Devices

If the call is picked up by an answering machine, it will leave a message and not call back. If the number is busy or there is no answer, the system will try contacting your other contact methods. Once you have acknowledged receipt of a message on one device, the system will stop trying to contact your other devices.

By signing up, you can receive emergency notifications for your home or any other address (such as a business). You will only be contacted when the associated address is affected by an emergency.


  • Mobile phone users: You may receive a popup asking you if you want to use the Everbridge mobile app. If you do not want to use the app you may click cancel and you will be directed to the registration page.
  • Remember to use the “sign up for notifications” button to create an account in the new system. Once you have created an account you will then be able to login to edit your information.

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