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Dear Oregon Voters,

Did you know that 92% of eligible voters in Oregon are registered to vote? That’s among the highest rates of voter registration in the country. Oregonians are voters!

Make sure you are, too. Register by the deadline or check that your information like name, address, or party affiliation is current.

Register today!

Check your voter registration info

Learn about voting in Oregon 

​​​​​​​​Oregon has the most convenient voting system in the country. Since adopting vote-by-mail in 1998, Oregon consistently ranks as a national leader in voter turnout and security.

Voters’ pamphlets with information on ballot measures and candidates are sent to Oregon residents two to three weeks before each statewide election, giving voters time to research issues on the ballot, including state and local measures and candidates. You may have already received both state and county pamphlets.

Ballots will be mailed out between October 19 and October 21. Make your choices, then return the ballot in the mail or any official drop box across the state. The state website has information about voting from overseas, in the military, or if handicapped.

Election Integrity 

Over the last 20 years, Oregonians from all political parties have built a secure system with many features that ensure accurate voter registration, ballot mailing, and reliable results.

It all starts with accurate voter registration lists that are updated on an ongoing basis. Then, anti-fraud measures verify voters’ signatures on the ballot return envelopes to protect the integrity of the vote. Finally, post-election audits verify that the results are accurate. 

A recent review of the vote by mail system by the state’s Legislative Fiscal Office found from 2000-2019 there were approximately 61 million ballots cast. Of those, 38 criminal convictions of voter fraud were obtained. This amounts to a .00006% rate.

We encourage you to visit to learn more about voting in Oregon.

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