Become a Member

If you live within the Hamlet’s Recognized Area, you are automatically a member. To obtain the ability to vote on community issues at monthly Hamlet meetings, just attend a meeting and sign the register to become a voting member. There are no dues or other requirements–that’s it.

From the Hamlet of Beavercreek Bylaws:

Members 18 years old or older of the Hamlet’s Recognized Area are eligible to vote at all meetings. Membership will be granted to all persons upon showing proof of eligibility and signing the official membership/attendance register. Membership will lapse if the member is no longer eligible. Participation is by individual initiative rather than by governmental or Hamlet invitation.

All Hamlet meetings are open to the public – Community meetings, Town Hall meetings, Board meetings, Committee meetings, etc – and treats and beverages are usually available. The schedule is posted on the Calendar and agendas can be found on the Blog. Everyone is welcome to attend Hamlet functions and meetings. The age requirement is only to be a voting member. See you next month!

Important Note: Neither your zip code nor your city name determines whether you’re officially part of the hamlet. Visit the FAQ to learn more.

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