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The Hamlet oversees several committees that support a range of local needs/topics. Not all committees are active at all times. See upcoming meetings on the Calendar.

Committee meetings are open to all but meeting times and locations are not fixed. The Board Chair is an ex officio member of every committee and Hamlet Members can be on or chair any committee. If you see a committee you would like to be a member of or to chair, contact any board member.

If you think there should be another committee that you don’t see here, also contact a board member. The Hamlet of Beavercreek is YOUR organization.

Standing Committees

Agenda Committee

The Agenda Committee meets on the Thursday before the Community or Town Hall meeting, immediately after the monthly Board meeting to finalize the agenda for the meeting the following Community or Town Hall meeting. Chair: Tammy Stevens

Boundary and Zoning Committee

This committee meets as needed. Chair: Bill Merchant.

Bylaws & Rules Committee

The Bylaws & Rules committee proposes amendments to the Bylaws and develops Rules for implementing them. Chair: Tammy Stevens

Holiday Tree Lighting Committee

This committee gets going in October for planning. Chair: Tammy Stevens

Korner Park Facilities Committee

The Korner Park Committee is in charge of the small park owned by Clackamas County northwest of the intersection of Beavercreek and Leland Roads. Chair: Mark Hillyard

Nominating Committee

This committee starts working in July in preparation for October elections. Chair: Bill Merchant

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations committee works to promote the Hamlet and in fundraising. Chair: Melissa Logan

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee is concerned with roads, speed limits, intersections, traffic safety, pedestrian and equestrian walkways. Chair: Bill Merchant

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