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Community Planning

The Board of Directors tracks land use applications and attends a wide range of planning meetings to stay abreast of issues that will or could impact Beavercreek residents — even those that happen outside our boundaries. Below are a few long-term projects that we’ve been monitoring, and we invite all residents to read the Citizen Involvement Guide.

Active Projects

Beavercreek Road Concept Plan – 453 acres along Beavercreek Road that was added to the regional urban growth boundary by Metro in 2002 and 2004.

Park Place Concept Plan – 500 acres of rural land east of Oregon City was brought into Portland Metropolitan Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) in 2002 to accommodate future growth. Includes two primary north-south connections between Holcomb Boulevard and Redland Road (Swan Avenue and Holly Lane).

Newell Creek Canyon – Surrounded by Oregon City neighborhoods and Clackamas Community College, the voter-protected natural area provides spectacular scenery and wildlife habitat. Community members worked with Metro to define a vision and dreams for the area in the Master Plan, which the Metro Council adopted in March 2016.

Clackamas County Land Use Permit Applications – this link is not specific to Beavercreek, but you can search for any land use permit application here. Join monthly Hamlet meetings to stay apprised of land use pertinent to our area, and express your sentiments to the planning staff.

Clackamas County Land Use Hearings – if a land use application receives opposition, a public hearing will be scheduled. This link is not specific to Beavercreek, but you can search for any land use public hearing here.

Clackamas County Transportation & Development including a project map

Citizen Involvement Guide

Understanding Land Use

Most of the issues we monitor are around land use and development and how it will affect local transportation and services such as water, sewer, electric, etc that are available to Beavercreek residents and could be diminished. Here we include a few resources you can read to learn more about how the government reviews and approves/denies projects.

Government Org Charts

Understanding how governments are organized gives you a glimpse at the decision-making bodies. Here are organization charts for the county and neighboring cities.

County Meetings

The Hamlet Board of Directors monitors and attends a wide range of committee meetings to stay informed. Any resident can do the same. See a full list of Clackamas County meetings including times and locations.

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