All Hamlet Board members are co-organizers of this site. You may contact them at the email addresses shown. Official records requests should be directed to the County Liaison, Holly Krejci HKrejci@Clackamas.US.

General Email 

Officers and Board Members

If you are interested in joining the board, apply before the end of September each year. Learn more on the Volunteer page.

Standing Committees and Chairs

  • Agenda Committee – Tammy Stevens
  • Boundary and Zoning Committee – Bill Merchant
  • Bylaws & Rules Committee – Tammy Stevens
  • Holiday Tree Lighting Committee – Tammy Stevens
  • Korner Park Facilities Committee — Mark Hillyard
  • Nominating Committee — Bill Merchant
  • Public Relations Committee — Melissa Logan
  • Transportation Committee — Bill Merchant

Visit the Committees page to learn more about what each one does, who’s involved, and how you can participate.

Clackamas County

Board of County Commissioners
Holly Krejci, County Liaison


Bill Merchant –