Hamlet Map

The Hamlet of Beavercreek serves residents in the “Recognized Area” that was established in 2005. The map is below, but the best way to confirm is to visit https://cmap.clackamas.us, type your address in the upper right search bar, and click on the “Utilities and Districts” section. You’re in Beavercreek if “Beavercreek” is listed under the Community Planning Organization section.

You may be part of the Hamlet, even if you have an Oregon City address.

Utilities such as PGE, BCT, Oregon City Garbage, Clackamas River Water, as well as the County, the Post Office, school districts, and more all have different boundaries. As a result, a lot of Hamlet of Beavercreek residents have Oregon City or other addresses. The Hamlet of Beavercreek mirrored Clackamas County’s CPO boundary as the Hamlet’s boundary, however, the Hamlet’s boundary/area is not protected from annexation from a city.