The Hamlet of Beavercreek will not be meeting in person until pandemic restrictions lift. Information coming to the Hamlet will be shared in our Blog posts.

The Hamlet of Beavercreek will meet virtually using Zoom on our regular meeting dates. For these meetings the agenda, and link and phone numbers to attend, are posted as a blog on this website. This Zoom meeting will be seminar style, with Board members visible and public able to listen and comment audibly. All meetings of The Hamlet of Beavercreek are open to the public but during the COVID-19 pandemic we are not meeting physically.

Land Use applications will be posted to the Blog for comments. You may call or email the Planner listed on the application or contact any Board member.

The Hamlet of Beavercreek is a community group organized by the citizens of Beavercreek and recognized by Clackamas County that aims to enhance the livability, sustainability, and functioning of our community, and to direct community planning to preserve the rural character of our area. There is no cost to join—we simply invite you to attend our meetings and monitor this website to stay updated and involved.

Check the Blog for COVID-19 updates, meeting notices, and Land Use applications.