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Welcome to Beavercreek!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome you to the area. For those new to our community, we put together a “getting started” guide to help you navigate.

Beavercreek is an unincorporated community in Clackamas County, Oregon, that was formed in the 1800s, named after Beaver Creek that runs through the area. There’s an entry for the Hamlet of Beavercreek on Wikipedia, and a book called Through the Looking Glass: A History of Beavercreek Oregon details the area’s history through the eyes of one early resident and his family. The book is available for purchase in the Hamlet Shop and all proceeds benefit the Beavercreek Grange.

Hamlets are voluntary grassroots organizations formed by the local community and recognized by the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners. The Hamlet of Beavercreek was formed in 2006 from the Beavercreek Community Planning Organization to give a stronger voice to area residents. In late 2020 the Board of County Commissioners expanded the Hamlet’s boundary to include the former Carus CPO. Visit our Hamlet Map page to learn more about the Hamlet organization, including a map of the Hamlet’s boundaries. To see if your address is in the Hamlet’s jurisdiction, check out the FAQ page.

We hold regularly scheduled public meetings on the fourth Wednesday of every month to provide a forum where members may address a broad range of issues. In addition, various Committees hold meetings from time to time.

Today, Beavercreek represents almost 10,000 people and covers about 34 square miles (22,000 acres.) It’s a rural area comprised of primarily of Timber, Exclusive Farm Use, AG/Forest, Rural Residential, and similar districts and includes the Rural Commercial “downtown” Beavercreek area.

The Hamlet organizes and funds several volunteer-run events for the local community including:

  • Stars in the Park is a one-night concert that happens every year in August. It brings a wide range of musical talent to perform for several hours under the trees in Korner Park. Local food and beverages are available. It’s a great time to spend a summer night!
  • Annual Holiday Tree Lighting. The Hamlet hosts a tree lighting ceremony every year in December, with musical guests playing holiday favorites, a visit from Santa Claus, and lots of holiday treats to enjoy.

Many more local events take place year-round. Check the Community Calendar, as well as the Beavercreek Bulletin to stay up-to-date. 

We invite citizens to get involved in Community Planning activities to help preserve the rural character of our area, which is the Hamlet’s primary mission as expressed in the Bylaws. There are several ways you can stay up to date. Be sure to join us at the monthly Hamlet meetings to learn about the issues, meet your neighbors, and enjoy treats and beverages.

We are glad you’re here! Email us with questions at Thank you for joining our community. We hope to see you at the next meeting.

The Hamlet Board of Directors

Tammy Stevens, Chair

Bill Merchant,Vice Chair

Jessica Sernach, Corresponding Secretary & Speaker

Cheryl Buchert, Treasurer

Joe Matteo, Director-at-large

Jack Hipp, Director-at-large

Kenny Sernach, Director-at-large

Mark Hillyard, Director-at-large